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The Middle Four Tarot Cards of the Major Arcana Explained



by Victor Epand

The Emperor can shape the existence of the world through the strength of his mind- via communication (either oral or written). He is wise and worldly, strong and somewhat strict. He is the ultimate father figure. He is protective of the order that he has created. He is able and willing to fight battles for others. Law and government mean a great deal to him as they provide structure to what would otherwise be chaos. He is a fair judge in all matters and uses his power wisely. This card appearing in a tarot reading can indicate that you are about to come into power and that you would do well to mimic the Emperor's ways. Concentration, assertiveness, confidence and focus can be mastered by you and result in you taking over the world (metaphorically, of course).

The Hierophant has a forbidden knowledge. This card often represents a group more so than an individual person. There is a leader but one who is followed because the people want to and not because of any act of force. Following him is beneficial to all. The order held so dear to the King is enforced here with rules and regulations. Those who buck these laws will not be tolerated. But for the most part the rules are sound ones that are best to be followed. The Hierophant is an excellent teacher and mentor. If this card appears in your reading, now may not be the time for bold and innovative action. Traditions do have their place in society.

The Lovers have more meaning than the obvious duo of sexuality and love. The card represents harmony, wise choices and aspects of our inner mind. Emotions are at play here. The card has a positive connotation but the high spirits might not last. The downsides of love lost or never found can be extremely painful. This card instructs consideration before action. When referring to a relationship between people, the Lovers create a great bond of love and sexuality in their relations. But it does need to be tended to so it doesn't extinguish or fade away.

The Chariot represents the control of emotions not in the sense of suppression but in proper utilization. The Chariot is pulled by a duality of emotions which the driver must take by the reigns to move forward. He needs them there, but he also can't let them go running amok. They need to be kept in check. There is a tremendous amount of discipline and will associated with the mastery of emotions. But if you manage the task, you can extend that mastery over those around you. Wisdom, confidence and glory can be gained from conquering these inner enemies. If you are able to keep your emotions under control, anything will be possible. Persistence and discipline will carry you through the internal battle and should you emerge victorious, the power of your destiny will be firmly in your hands.

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