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A Few Facts On Tarot Psychic Reading



by Jordan Matthews

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to foretell how a persons life will turn out or how a certain event will come to pass in the future. Now more than ever, the tarot is being used as a divination tool for psychic readings.

Here are a few facts on the meaning of some of the tarot cards.

- The 2 of Cups: The Tarot can sense when love is near. The 3 of cups means a wedding or happy celebration is at hand. The Ace of cups when it appears with other relationship cards may mean the beginning of a new romantic relationship, or the renewal of an old relationship is on the horizon. The 9 of cups, 4 of wands, and even The Sun in the right place in a spread, point to love. The biggest signal that love is close is the 2 of cups.

- The Lovers Card: This card may indicate a relationship, but all is not rosy. The Lovers card indicates that a decision regarding a relationship needs to be made.

- The Death Card: This card does not indicate that you will die soon, but rather that an old way of life is passing away to make room for a new chapter, a change in the way you look at things, a change in living arrangements, or a relationship of some kind is coming to an end. This is a good thing and you must give up the old so that the new can manifest in your life. Death is always the harbinger of new life.

- The Tower: Indicates an upheaval in your life that has already happened and is over now. You may still be suffering from the incident, but the tower tells you that it is time to begin building a new foundation to rebuild a better life, relationship or whatever you have lost.

- The Knights: Wherever a knight appears there is action, activity, and drama. Not all of the knights of the Tarot tell of the same type of event. If the knight of cups appears in your spread, for the most part, you will be swept off your feet by a romantic, sensitive man or woman. This may be the one. The knight of swords may not mean to but he will bring chaos and pain in your life. The good news is that he will not stay long, but you will be left to straighten things out. The Knight of Wands loves to rescue a damsel in distress. If you are a man and this card comes up in your reading it can mean that you have the same qualities.

This guy is honest and always sees the glass as half full. If a girl gets this card after a question about the fella she is currently with, know that he is not cheating on you. The Knight of Coins (Pentacles) Is a bit of a workaholic but does not ignore his family. He is always concerned about taking care if his duties, especially when he can help and provide for others. He is a planner and a thinker and is not hasty with a decision. A knight in your reading may also mean that you have the same trait in yourself, may be a suggestion to use that part of yourself to overcome an obstacle, or an emotional or travel- related movement that is worth considering. Knights may depict a man or a woman with certain qualities.

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