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7 Steps to a Tarot Reading



1. It is very important to create a clean and safe atmosphere for the reading. Make sure you choose the right time and place where you won’t be disturbed by loud noises or other interruptions, and tidy up, so that your attention wouldn’t be distracted by items that are not related to the reading. Switch off your mobile phone, light a candle, and maybe some gentle incense to purify the space. An invocation or a ritualised announcement of the beginning of the session will draw boundaries of protection in other than material planes of reality.

2. Don’t hurry to reach for the card deck – think carefully first, what is it you are trying to achieve. In your mind go through all the possible questions that are relevant at this point in your life, come up with possible layouts for different topics and make sure that you remember meanings of tarot cards, or have your notes of keywords nearby.

3. After thinking through all the possibilities for a question, now try to “switch off” your mind and feel them. Notice your body sensations in reaction to each of them and choose the one that touches you the most. There is no place for logic and reason here – some seemingly insignificant detail can suddenly arise into your consciousness. Follow your heart.

4. Having realized the preference of your heart, choose the most appropriate layout for it. Make sure, that every card’s position in the layout is clearly defined and that you now have only one question in your mind. The more specific is the question, the easier it will be for you to interpret a meaningful answer.

5. Do the layout in a sacred and ceremonial way. Slowly shuffle the cards imagining the deck filling up with energy flowing through your palms. Try to keep your mind focused on the question that you have earlier defined. When you feel ready spread the cards in front of you and pick a single card for each position of the layout. It might be useful to drive your hand a little above the cards trying to feel the right one. When laying tarot into their positions, voice the meaning of each of them.

6. Having finished the layout, spend a moment in silence remembering the question and preparing for the answer. Free yourself from any judgements of a good reading and a bad reading, good cards and bad cards. All tarot deck cards represent archetypical energies, neither good nor bad in their nature.

7. One by one open the cards, trying to notice your first reaction and impression, spend some time consulting your feelings, for they express slower than our thoughts. Counsel your notes and personal knowledge, but don’t be attached to words and phrases. Let the keywords awaken your intuition which is the guide to a deeper understanding.

One Layout for Divination

Place out the seven cards and let each of them represent one of the major aspects of your life:

1. Material world - health, income, capital, diet, accommodation
2. Interests - friends, activities, education, entertainment
3. Nurture - home, love, security, comfort
4. Involvement - work, challenges, tests, projects
5. Direction - vision, plans, goals, ambition
6. Conscience - consciousness, guidance, meditation, retreat
7. Attainment - joy, enthusiasm, daring, talents

Free Questionnaires and Mini Courses are available on the 7 Words website (http://www.7words.co.uk), interactive fun with the “satisfaction index calculator” at http://www.7wordsassociates.org/psychology_spotlight.php


This article is provided courtesy of Roxanne Courtmanch.  Please visit www.thehelpingcircle.com for more articles on Tarot as well as many other topics that may be of interest to you.






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