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People in Religion - Historic

Abraham and the Leather Scroll


The Dead Sea Scrolls continue to be found and there are many interesting discoveries about the era and region to be found in them. One of the more interesting aspects of these finds has to do with a leather scroll that was written to seem as if Abraham had been its author.


Amos and Social Justice - Part 1


Amos was a shepherd who lived in the region of Tekoa, not many miles from the city of Jerusalem. He earned his living by raising sheep and taking care of sycamore trees. He was not a prophet, son of a prophet or priest.


Amos And Social Justice - Part 2


Amos was summoned by God to warn the Northern Kingdom of Israel of its impending doom due to the collapse of justice and the moral and spiritual decline of the nation. It should be understood that Amos did not travel to Israel in the footprints of Elijah and Elisha; working miracles and wonders.


Armor-bearer Coach: Step Into the Ministry of Assisting


Have you ever had an overwhelmingly trouble-filled day, where circumstances seem to be against you on all sides? Look in on young Prince Jonathan (son of King Saul) on just that kind of day. It is a known fact his boss who was his father had backslidden from God.


Hope and Restoration in the Valley


The bible tells a story about the prophet Ezekiel who envisioned a valley full of dry bones. God led Ezekiel back and forth in the midst of this valley, surrounded by dry bones. God asked Ezekiel "Can these bones live?"


Jesus as a Philosopher


Why does every one believe that Jesus is the son of God? That sounds completely silly indeed. The Bible has some interesting literary concepts and ideas worthy of mention and Jesus is said to have said some really philosophical things on the Sermon on the Mound.



Jesus as the Rose of Sharon


The words "rose of Sharon" comes out of the Old Testament in the Song of Solomon. The verse reads: "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." (Solomon 2:1)


Jesus in Wales


The next few days were as hectic and exciting as any days Jesus could remember. The never-ending stream of people who wanted to meet him actually increased each day. Taliesin (Perhaps the author of the Hanes Taliesin which tells the story of the Merovingians back to Melchizedek.) and others spread word of the most interesting young man who already knew so much, but was there to learn from their own great teachers and adepts.


Jesus Our King: Priest Forever After The Order Of Melchizedek


Much confusion surrounds the person of one "Melchizedek" found in the book of Genesis, mentioned only briefly in the Psalms, and expounded upon enough to raise many more questions in the New Testament book of Hebrews. It is my hope that this brief exposition will help clear the air on this very important topic.


Jesus Was a Hippie


Actually he was more appropriately called a Cynic, but that kind of free-thinking humanist is indeed kin to being a Hippie. The Cynics were a school of thought or religious approach to intellectual understanding which many more modern hippies seem to emulate.


Joseph's Life - a Series of Coincidences


One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Joseph. If you read and really understand this story, you will see that nothing is coincidental and that all things work according to God's plan. It might not be according to YOUR plan, but it all works out for the best.


Living Proof: We are Living in the Days of Noah


A familiar phrase used in Bible prophecy is the term "Days of Noah." Jesus warned, "For as in the days of Noah before the flood, they were eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the very day Noah entered the ark. And they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away-so will be the coming of the Son of Man (Matthew 24: 38-39.)"



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