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Carpal Tunnel Articles

An Introduction to the Carpal Tunnel


In the human wrist there is a sheath of tough connective tissue which envelopes and protects the median nerve and tendons. It is attached to the muscles, wrist and hand bones. It is called the carpal tunnel, which refers to the space between the sheath above and the bones below making up the wrist and hand.


Branches of Carpal Tunnel Therapy


There are several ways to remedy repetitive hand injuries but the most recommended by orthopedic doctors is the carpal tunnel therapy. It may be the conventional way but it is sheer natural so it does not have any side- effects.


Carpal Tunnel Ergonomics


The study of how to adapt man to a machine or environment is a way that is not stressful is called workplace ergonomics.  Ergonomics studies many causes of job-related pain.  However, computers are often to blame for carpal tunnel syndrome, although they are not the only possible source of this malady.


Carpal Tunnel Herbs and Vitamins


Do you ever wonder why you experience those pins and needles tingling on your foot when you squat in Indian position for quite a while? Bad circulation, you answer. That is the very reason why it pays to stand up right away to stomp it out and gets the blood moving again.


Carpal Tunnel Massage


You are knocked out on the bed because of a hard day’s work. Most likely, nothing can awaken you, not even the noisy barking of your neighbor's dog or the chilly breeze caressing your skin. However, you wake up to those pins and needles sensation on your right hand.



Carpal Tunnel Procedure


When the patient’s disorder in the hand is already heavily damaged, there may be a need to undergo surgery. Carpal tunnel procedure is an operation that is also known as “release.”  The procedure can consist of two varieties, carpal tunnel open release and carpal tunnel endoscopic release.


Carpal Tunnel Recovery Reminders


After undergoing either of the open or endoscopic release surgery, it is time to get acquainted on how to recuperate from the operation.


Carpal Tunnel Surgery


An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Cluett, said that carpal tunnel surgery could be done. It is not only available, but also can be effective in terms of treatment.


Carpal Tunnel Symptoms


Numbness of the hands, pain of the fingers and tingling of the palms are the most common carpal tunnel symptoms. It often occurs in the parts supplied by the median nerve such as the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of the ring finger.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Disability


Several people in the United States have been affected by CTS, which is also considered as an “occupational disorder in the 90’s”. It has pushed many to resign from their work because they have become victims of the carpal tunnel syndrome disability.


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