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Blood Pressure Articles

Alcohol and Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is affected by various conditions of the body throughout the day.  It may be altered by various diseases that are seen in many people.  It can also be affected by outside influences such as food and drinks.


Blood Pressure and Drug Use


It isnít a pretty thing to talk about, but drug use and abuse can be doing a lot more than just getting you high.  Your blood pressure can be severely impacted by drug use, and this is not limited to illegal drugs.


Factors That Influence Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is influenced by multiple factors in the body.  The rate the heart pumps and the viscosity of the blood itself are both examples of influencing factors.


Is Blood Pressure Racial?


There are many things that can put you at a greater risk for high blood pressure. There are also many reasons you may experience high blood pressure.  It has long been felt by many in the medical community that race may be a factor in high blood pressure.


Low Blood Pressure


Blood pressure can have many different effects on a body.  Many people who consider blood pressure think about hypertension Ė also known as high blood pressure.  However, low blood pressure can cause problems as well.



Low Fat Dairy and High Blood Pressure


There are many ways you can lower your blood pressure.   High blood pressure increases the chances you will have other problems with your health.   Finding ways to decrease your blood pressure can help you become healthier and feel better.


Mean Arterial Pressure


The blood pressure is in our body is always changing.  This is part of the normal human physiology and biology.  It is very rare for someone to have blood pressure that never changes.  Things that affect breathing and heart rate cause blood pressure fluctuations.  Blood pressure reacts to different position body positions.


Pulse Pressure


When you go to the doctor, you might ask them about checking your pulse pressure.  This is the change in blood pressure during a single contraction of the heart.


Sphygmomanometers - Blood Pressure Cuffs


Blood pressure is important to your health.  The most common way to measure blood pressure is to use something called a sphygmomanometer.  This is commonly referred to as a blood pressure cuff, since that is exactly what it is: a cuff which can be pressurized is placed around the arm.


Treatments for High Blood Pressure


There are many things that you can do to naturally lower your blood pressure, and there are many medications available to help lower blood pressure.




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