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Tennis Articles

A Friendly Guide On Tennis Equipment


The entire world has witnessed the formidable Williams’ sisters rose to fame and success in the tennis court. It was also at the same sport arena where Venus and Serena have been identified to “serve with style”, causing other players to raise an eyebrow.


Best Tennis Ball Machine


There are a lot of tennis ball machines out in the market that are quite competitive. Choosing the best tennis ball machine can be a difficult decision, after all you would want to have your money’s worth, right? If you’re looking for the best tennis ball machine then you might first want to consider what features you want your tennis ball machine to have. The “best” differs for every buyer of different products.


History of Tennis – The Game of Kings


There is really no telling the exact date of when the game of tennis began. In fact, there are a lot of different adaptations about the history of tennis.  One of them dates back to the time of kings and pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome who were said to have played different versions of this game.  Although drawings and descriptions of “tennis-resembling” games have not been discovered, Arabic words dating back from ancient Egyptians are quoted as evidence.  The theory says that the name tennis is derived from the Egyptian town of Tinnis which is on the banks of the river Nile, and the word racquet evolved from the word rahat, meaning palm of hand.


How to Equip Your Tennis Bag


As they say, winning is all about advantage.  Having an advantage over the other player always allows you to go where he can’t.  And being on the advantage means being prepared and open to whatever may happen during the match.  A well-equipped tennis bag always prepares you for any situation that may arise on the game day or even at practice.


How to Make A Tennis Ball Cannon


Tennis ball cannon are often referred to as a tennis ball launcher or a Polish cannon. Although tennis ball launchers are a little different when it comes to purpose, like launch and fetch with your favorite dog, they more or less have the same function, shooting tennis balls into the air.  Tennis ball cannons can usually be made of home made materials or parts that can be found around the house. Most people use or build them for fun at the park or merely playing games with others who have them.  However, a word of advice to those planning to build one, it can injure you.  Whether you build a canon correctly and use it correctly, it can still injure you.


How To Perfect A Tennis Serve


Big things begin from small ones. Easy logic but it requires a great amount of patience on your part. So it is with this world- renowned sport that has captured millions from the young ones and even the, young once.


How to Play Tennis


Tennis is a great exercise, and whether you play the game for pastime or professional sport, it just requires some equipments and money and you’re on your way to a healthy habit.  This game is always a great way to go outdoors and have fun. So go ahead and find a partner, let’s play tennis!


Interesting Tennis Facts


Over the years, tennis has become one of the most well- loved sports in different parts of the world. It has also evolved into a common household name making it even more fascinating with all the remarkable records stored in the archives.


Let’s Play Tennis – Basic Rules of Tennis


For some of us who are just starting to play tennis or getting to know the game, we may need to know the basic rules of tennis.  The game may seem simple when we watch it because the ball just basically needs to go from one player to the other.  It is simple in a way, but it becomes more complicated with the strokes or techniques that are needed to give difficulty to your opponent in hitting the ball. The basic rules of tennis are simple but the game itself is complex.


Nike Women’s Tennis Clothes


Nike is a well known brand particularly for its quality products and latest designs.  They are considered one of the world’s premier sports clothing manufacturer because of their innovative designs on sports apparel, one of which are tennis clothes.  Nike tennis clothes last because they use quality materials, such as advanced fibers for clothing that makes it comfortable, lasting and worth every penny.


Origin of Tennis


The origin of tennis like most origins of things, come as a mystery and has a lot of theories and disputes.  One of the versions of the origin of tennis brings us back to the Stone Age man hitting rocks backwards and forwards possibly with clubs. A more extensive origin of tennis is derived from Handball, an adaptation of which was played in the ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt.  It is believed that the origin of the name ‘tennis’ came from an Egyptian town on the Nile called Tinnis and the word ‘racquet’ is taken from the word ‘rahat’ which means palm, both are Arabic words.


The Peculiarity in Tennis Scoring


To put the simplest terms in tennis scoring, one has to earn the highest points in a game. Remember that in this sport, there are four points to win, six meets in a given set and two or three series to rule the match.


Rules for Playing Tennis

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the rules for playing tennis is generally the same. You have to know the basic rules for playing tennis which include the following:


Steffi Graf – A Born Champion

Stefanie Maria Graf, former World No. 1 woman tennis player and once called the “Queen of the Courts” because of her versatility across all playing surfaces.  Graf had a powerful forehand which earned her the nickname “Fraulein Forehand”.  Throughout her playing career, she developed the best slice backhand as well as a consistent volley.  She chased down balls that seemed unplayable and had a powerful accurate serve of up to 105 mph.


Tennis Accessories – A Booming Business

The world of tennis is a growing world, more and more people are getting into the sport and the business industry of tennis accessories is a booming industry.  The once simple game of racket and ball has become a very trendy and fashionable sport, adding plenty of extra items to your gear bag to help your game. 


Tennis Ball Launcher – An Autopsy

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a tennis ball launcher that makes it shoot balls of up to 55 mph and more?  How it works on the inside and what goes on while it keeps on shooting balls non-stop one at a time?  Well, let’s have an autopsy of the tennis ball launcher, shall we?


Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are one of the major elements of tennis.  In a way, it’s even the center of the game, “keep the tennis ball on play and never let it out of your sight”.  So let’s talk about tennis balls.


Tennis Balls Explained

A tennis ball is the bouncing ball designed for the game of tennis, and is also one of the main components of the game.  In the early days, a tennis ball was made of leather, stuffed with the hair or wool.


Tennis Bracelet – Diamonds are Forever

Tennis bracelet otherwise known as “in-line diamond bracelet” is a thin elegant piece of wrist jewelry that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds that drapes softly around the wrist.  The tennis bracelet is not like the charm bracelets that have pendants or mementos; this bracelet is just purely simple and elegant.


Tennis Camps

If you love the sport of tennis, you’ll surely love tennis camps.  Tennis camps offer tennis instructions or lessons at the same time experiencing fun and enjoyment. Most tennis camps would offer instructional programs for tennis players of different ability levels and ages, from beginners to top tournament players.  Tennis camps are an excellent and exciting way of developing not only your skills for the game but growth in self-confidence as well; you get to meet, mingle and have fun with different people who share one common interest, Tennis.


Tennis Court Construction – The Basics

If you have decided to construct a tennis court, you may be wondering of what you need to do next.  Here are some basic things that you need to know if you have considered a new tennis court construction:


Tennis Court Equipment

Tennis court equipments facilitate better and comfortable tennis court plays for players, whether you’re running a tennis court business or you just happen to have one privately owned for family and friendly matches.


Tennis Elbow – A Common Tennis Injury

Tennis elbow, so to speak, got its name from the famous game tennis and the common injury of the players of this game who tended to get it.  Medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an inflammation or degeneration of the tendon which attaches muscles to bone (lateral epicondyle) on the outer arm or elbow.


Tennis Elbow Brace – Counter-Force for Tennis Elbow

What is a tennis elbow brace?  The tennis elbow brace is a type of elbow support that can help prevent tennis elbow disorder, a common injury among tennis players.   Technically speaking, tennis elbow brace is a lateral counter-force bracing, that therapists believe reduces the magnitude of muscle contraction.


Tennis Elbow Braces

Tennis elbow braces are one way of treating tennis elbow injury. Tennis Elbow injury is an injury that consists of tiny tears in parts of the tendon and in muscle coverings, which result to recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm just below the bend of the elbow. However, treatment of the tennis elbow injury cannot be relied on tennis elbow braces alone, other treatments like anti-inflammatory drugs and rehabilitation exercises are needed, but tennis elbow braces aid in faster recovery of the muscles.


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