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108 moves of Tai Chi

A regular Tai Chi form consists of a series of movements that comprise a form. These forms go from 24 movements, 40 movements to 108 movements. The 108 moves of tai Chi (also called the ‘long form’) take some 20 minutes to go through and require much effort, both physical and spiritual to execute.


Tai Chi Form


A Tai Chi form is a system of movements, interlinked seamlessly to form a dance. Its length has 3 variations; 24 movements set is referred as the ‘short’ form, 40 as the ‘mid’ form and the long form has108 movements. A standard Tai Chi form takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the length and the mastery.



Instructional Tai Chi DVDs


I often wondered about the consternation the Tai Chi masters must have felt. Thinking how they have patiently studied the Tai Chi over the years, growing old and senile, and tough as an old goat, only to see the decline of the beloved art and from it rose a new generation of Tai Chi radicals doing it for health and fitness and aesthetics.



Tai Chi Clothing


Tai Chi is one of those arts that require fundamental meditation skills to execute properly. So, environment, ambiance, and disruption factor are issues to consider for Tai Chi sessions; all these and your Tai Chi clothing.



Tai Chi Uniform


While it is not really necessary to wear Tai Chi uniform, the mental preparedness it sometimes gives makes the wearing Tai Chi uniform necessary. Some Tai Chi aspirants claim that wearing Tai Chi uniforms allows the Qi to flow properly. Also, because Tai Chi uniforms are made with soft, light and supple materials, it is less inhibiting in Tai Chi practices.



How to Select from the Tai Chi Uniforms Available Online


So you are really up to buying yourself a Tai Chi uniform? It really helps, don’t you think? Well then, here are a few pointers on how to select your best on dozens of Tai Chi uniforms available online.



Image courtesy of www.everyday-taichi.com


Tai Chi Shoes


In most cases, what you wear is enough to do Tai Chi. And of course for obvious reasons, some clothing are real awkward to wear during a Tai Chi session. But by large it is still a personal choice. After all, ancient Chinese warriors don’t prepare their clothes to do serious fighting, since fighting comes off the cuff.



 By 迷花不事

君 (http://cc.nphoto.net/view/2008/10424.shtml) [CC BY-SA 2.5 cn], via Wikimedia Commons

What is Tai Chi?


What is Tai Chi? It is a Chinese combat art system that developed way back ancient china. The name Tai Chi Chuan meant ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist’, so obviously this was developed primarily as a martial art. But instead of employing explosive kicks and hard punches, Tai Chi instead uses slow tempo maneuvers and subtle movements to overcome an opponent.



Benefits of Tai Chi


While it may be true that reaping the full benefits of Tai Chi can be only acquired through rigorous practice of its martial art nature, thousands of practitioners would readily claim that even without its combative nature, the benefits of Tai Chi can still be endowed by its finer aspects.



Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra


Meditation is a devotional or a contemplative exercise aimed to serve an objective. The objectives can be deepening of a spiritual insight or achieving some form of personal enlightenment. This topic covers how to manage a Tai Chi meditation heart chakra control.



Tai Chi Exercise


Tai Chi exercise as a low-intensity exercise that can be easily applied to anyone, from senior individuals and recuperating patients to healthy individuals with hectic lifestyle.


History of Tai Chi


The Chen style of Tai Chi was the forerunners of the art, but it was the Yang style that made it in the limelight.



Taoist Tai Chi


The original Tai Chi was also a Taoist way of life that Chang San Feng followed.



Chen Tai Chi


The Chen Tai Chi is the most original Tai Chi you can get.



Yang Tai Chi


The Yang Tai Chi is one of the older forms of Tai Chi and was founded by Yang Lu Chan.



Tai Chi Chuan


Summary: Tai Chi is an ancient traditional Chinese fighting system that many had adopted as an exercise regimen for its health and longevity benefits.



The Best Tai Chi Movies of all Time


Circa 1960s, there was an abundance of Tai Chi themed movies or what we refer as video Tai Chi. At the turn of the decade though, other martial art videos started to share the limelight until video Tai Chi was unseated from its long held box office seat.



Tai Chi Video Hunting


Why learn Tai Chi? There are countless reasons why, and you could have a dozen why you should. Do it as an exercise. Not strenuous enough for you? Then do it to relieve stress; or as a meditation practice; or as therapeutic exercise. Or do it just to feel sexy. The reasons to study Tai Chi is quite abundant, but how to study it requires a bit of information digging.



Learn Tai Chi Online


So you would love to learn Tai Chi, but you can’t since there are no Tai Chi schools near your place. You wish to learn tai Chi but seem stuck on where you’d find someone who could teach you? No sweat! Now you can learn Tai Chi online.



 By Peter Harrison from Auckland, New Zealand (Tai Chi)
[CC BY 2.0],
via Wikimedia Commons


Tai Chi Exercises


Nowadays, Tai Chi exercises have been taught more for its therapeutic purposes. While some enjoyed meditating with Tai Chi, others had their Tai Chi as a compliment for their dancing which is much like a dance in ballet. The Tai Chi exercises are executed slowly, a series of slow dance steps, and could require a substantial amount of effort, physical and mental.



Combat Tai Chi


Before the evolution of Tai Chi as meditation practice, or as an alternative inner healing practice, Tai Chi was an efficient and deadly combat art that originated in ancient China.



Tai Chi Sword


There are several weapons employed in Tai Chi Chuan. Students may use a Chang, or spear; sometimes, staffs are preferred instead. Another choice is the Tao, which is a large one edged broad sword, much like a cutlass or a Saracen scimitar.



Tai Chi Swords


The Wushu has become a distinguished sport all over the world that students have been clamoring for teachers to teach them this art. But, despite the demand for great teachers, equally there has been a demand for good Tai Chi swords as well. The demand has spawned from the increasing number of Tai Chi sword art enthusiast and sword collectors.



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Tai Chi, Past and Present


You probably have seen it on parks. Groups of people practicing a dance that looks like a slowed down Kung Fu. Or you have probably overheard those noisy neighboring housewives chattering loudly about how it cured almost practically all illnesses.



Health, Tai Chi, and Constipation Problems


It is known that Tai Chi has some medical benefits, and many experts and Tai Chi practitioners tend to agree. True, there had been no formal research or study regarding the matter but there had been countless of stories and claims that Tai Chi really did something to their lives.



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