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Lesson Plans that Reach the Multiple Intelligences

American schools have traditionally favored those students who excel in the linguistic and analytical arenas because these skills are highly valued in our culture. Unfortunately, this traditional approach leaves certain students behind to stumble blindly through an educational system which ignores their unique abilities. This is not to say that the development of linguistic and analytical skills should be abandoned in favor of nontraditional approaches to education. Rather, traditional and nontraditional approaches should be combined to formulate a method of education that is best suited to the students who populate our classrooms.

Fallacies About the Inner Child

Over the past 10 years I have helped individuals who have been plagued by the memories of past events to permanently release the disruptive energy imprints of such memories from their energy bio-fields.

Are Observations Objective?

On the outset all observations may seem to be objective, but in reality subjectivity tends to shape the objective observations. The observations can be categorized into three for better understanding Objective, Subjective, medley of subjective/objective observations.

Balancing Brain Lobes - Mutras

When does consciousness exist? Will the sentient robots being created with nanotechnology and the dumping of human memory such as was done to a computer chip by Stanford in 1999 have a soul of their own? I do not believe our soul is dumped in this process. But the issue of soul can be debated until the cows come home by observers of natural phenomena. Modern science has no greater insight than the ancient observers. In fact the ancients spent more time attuning with consciousness or soul in all things ? elemental and spiritual. Most nature worshippers are able to see an element of soul in rocks and trees and the recent fact that science provides about the white pine eating insects or the changing colour of leaves not being for the first frost add to the possibility as I see it. I love the saying of the Mayans ? ?Do not put your self in front of your SELF.?

Emotion is a Reaction to the Influence

Each one of us is linked to the emotions whether by protecting self values or deep affectionate involvement to the objective. The ?sense? is a gift to us to analyze the values of the personality and behave in accordance. Sense creates sentiment that helps to avoid harm to the values possessed deep in the personality. We avoid action or reaction to what is not related to our values. Our Endeavour is to retain our values unharmed is a method to maintain the identity intact but when lost, we loose emotionally means lost everything. Emotion is a reaction to the influence of attraction that contacts our personality. Unknowingly we get attached to others and their objectives; the attachment is due to the influence of the attraction. We become affectionate, friendly, begin involving deeply and etc; are the reactions called emotional attachment but when hurts that becomes emotional breakup. Our social action and reaction relates of our emotional attitude. The emotional attitude is the reflection of the values possessed deep in the personality and the reaction is in accordance. Our sense works on the basis of the quality we possess that reflects the attitude. I sense emotion in three philosophical features; one is Identity emotion is the Endeavour to protect self values secondly sentimental emotion is submission that involves acting in affection and thirdly Effectual Emotion leaves effect of impression on our personality:

Robotic Bonding Thru Human First Love Memory Replication

Many Science Fiction authors have discussed in many works the issues with robotic assistants and companions. Today we see DARPA awarding a contract to a group of artificial intelligence software gurus to put together a computer assistant, which can read any manual and then explain in human terms what it says. This assistant would be near a human during equipment repairs or preventative maintenance during operations. In the movie Artificial Intelligence you will remember the boy robot was read certain words in a certain order to activate a love program for bonding to the human. In Isaac Asimov?s novels he often had long dialogues about the very subject of human bonding, love and companionship amongst robots, androids and organically engineered creatures with their human counter parts.

Dogs Use Psycho-Cybernetics To Accomplish Goals

Dogs picture in their minds an event of an activity they wish to perform whether it hunting a rodent, greeting their human companions at the door or retrieving a stick. This helps them set goals similar to psycho-cybernetic human intent goal oriented human endeavors. We know dogs do this for two reasons. One, when they sleep their paws move as if they are running. Some might say that this is nervous system reactions, but fRMI scans show these are simultaneously happening with motor areas of the brain. Secondly the memory of motions for dogs is evident in the way they approach problem solving while moving toward an object such as a bone or Frisbee. If the Frisbee is thrown in a standard fashion the dog jumps and takes it the same every time and commits the action to muscle memory, which is an indication of that reflex of motion being done over and over again in its mind.

Nature VS Nurture - Theories of Personality in 21st Century

Nature vs Nurture theories have wasted a lot of energy of human beings. Plato is considered first to realize that you are made of not only flesh but also an intellectual soul.

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