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Precognition or Circadian Rhythm?

The bodies natural clock or circadian rhythm seems to have sensors through the brain and body. It is a perfect set of clocks, which regulate our bodies and sync to our minds. It is so incredible that some have spent entire careers trying to unlock natures secret. Some believe this is part of God?s creation, other believe it is the work of a millions and millions of years of evolution. Still others have mystic explanations for it, while they debate with others who say it is all part of a planned design.

What are the 4 Brainwave Patterns and How Do They Effect Your Health


Split Personality - A Myth or a Reality?


Psychological Tips for Effective Studying


The End of Psychotherapy

In two articles entitled "We Are Not Our Personalities" and "Eliminating The Past" I make the point that it is now possible to "dismantle" all the life experience that is stored in the human bio-field, i.e. in our consciousness , with all its ensuing consequences.

Synchronized Swimming Advantage for Twins

The Olympic Contests for Synchronized Swimming are a testament to the natural human ability of telepathy. What we find in College and University Level synchronized swimmers thru observation and data of the top athletes is that those teams which have been long time friends seem to have a mind connection, which far surpasses generally accepted scientific knowledge. Those synchronized swimmers that are twins have even a greater advantage, as results show that twins are often some of the top performers in the sport. These observations are quite obvious and statistically too high to be coincidence.

An Easy Cure For Math Phobia

Why is it that one person enjoys math, while another person hates it?

The Attention Spanner

After a long and patient wait in queue, you reached the post office counter. Just then, the peasant sauntered over and plunked himself in front of you. Your reaction was natural. Paul Ekman, the world famous emotions scientist, dedicated his career to the study of emotional reactions. "We become aware a quarter, or half second after the emotion begins. I do not choose .... to become angry. I am suddenly angry. I can usually figure out later what someone did that caused the emotion." The transit of that compelling emotion was insidious. If only you could manage its impact!

What is the Theory of Multiple Intelligences? Part 2: Cultural Influence

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences developed as he worked with brain injured adults and autistic children. He identified distinct portions of the brain that control specific human abilities or talents like analysis, classification, speech, self-awareness, etc. He has identified eight distinct abilities that he refers to as "intelligences": verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and the naturalist. In addition to the biological basis for these intelligences, Gardner also places great emphasis on cultural influences that may impact the development of each intelligence.

Insighting Human Behavior thru Gravity Wave Simulations of the Moon

Every police officer will tell you that when there is a full moon, the natives are restless and it will be a long night, with lots of arrests and paperwork? This is a known fact one which cannot be dismissed so easily after such basic observations. An evolutionary theorist would say this is because on moonlit nights our ancient ancestors went on night hunts or that the Sabertooth tigers came to hunt us? Some say these things date back to our Tree Shrew ancestry, all of which Darwin might agree is plausible. Other more spiritual folks might say it is a special time, which brings out human emotion and spirits? Sounds cool to me. I could go for that one? Whatever the case is Lunar Cycles and full moons cause or help along Earth Shift movements of Tectonic plates, coincide with ocean wave actions and indeed cause the behavior shift of many life forms on the Planet?s surface. Could this be from an interaction of gravity waves between Earth and Moon? If so does it affect the resonance of mother Earth?s 7.89 Hz or heartbeat?

Mind Over Matter - Proven


Kids and Lifebooks: Tips for Social Workers

Every child who is adopted from foster care deserves a clear, detailed record of his or her life prior to adoption. While a foster child is waiting for a forever family, a lifebook can help her to make sense of the past and prepare to go forward.

Is China Testing Bio Weapons on Its Own People?

Well the conspiracy theorists are out in full force I see. I had an interesting meeting the other day at a coffee shop and talked with a highly paranoid chap, who claimed to have some real insider information. He said that the Chinese were experimenting with their own populations with new vaccines for bird flu. He later said that an experiment with the N5H1 strain in a South Eastern province yielded better than expected results and they were forced to quarantine the area and kill thousands of birds and nearly 200 humans. He also said that they made mandatory the vaccination of all families in the vicinity to test their newest vaccine on the N5H1 Bird Flu strain.

What is the Theory of Multiple Intelligences? Part 1: Biological Basis

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences is based on the premise that each individual's intelligence is composed of multiple "intelligences," each of which has its own independent operating system within the brain. These intelligences include: verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

A Case for Multiple Intelligences Based Classroom Instruction

Although many high school age students tend to think and learn in nontraditional ways, American schools still base their instruction primarily on the verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. As a result, many students who are not strong in these traditional intelligences develop poor attitudes toward school and their academic achievement suffers.

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