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Valentine's Day

Chinese’ Own Valentine’s Day


While the rest of the world does their daily regulars, the Chinese celebrates Valentine’s Day every 15th of August.


Chocolates for Valentine’s Day


Experts may offer different theories of its origin, but one thing is clear: there is Valentine’s Day because people wanted to celebrate love. The recognition of such strong emotion developed many traditions that we know today like exchanging love letters, giving flowers, and handing over chocolates.


Easy Steps to Make a Valentine’s Day Popup Greeting Card


Next to Christmas cards, Valentine cards are the second most popular greeting cards in the United States, with more than one billion V-day cards sent every year. For sure, you have received tons of the same old Valentine’s Day cards since you-don’t-know-when. And most likely, you have grown tired of them. After all, simple cards may mean that the sender has not made much effort of giving you something more special for the occasion. Even buying and giving plain greeting cards can be boring. Why don’t you spice up the holiday by creating something unique and different like a popup card?


Images that tell its Valentine’s Day


Different special occasions have varying symbols. For Valentine’s Day, there are several symbols signifying love and romance.


Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day


Sometimes the maxim “actions speak louder than voice” is true, but it should not always be true. In a relationship, one will need an assurance by word. Saying I love you and expressing how much that person to you is one of the best ways to assure your strong feeling of love. So, on Valentine’s Day, lovers should not forget saying something nice to a person he or she loves.




Origins of Valentine's Day


Though theories on pagan traditions are closer explanations of how Valentine’s Day emerged, several people opted the religious theory of February 14’s origin.


Picking Out a Valentine’s Day Card


Believe it or not, picking out a Valentine’s Day card can be one part of Valentine’s Day which is the most difficult for many. They may worry that the card they select does not properly express their feelings or they may worry that their partner will not understand the card or will think the card is inappropriate. All of these concerns can make choosing a card for Valentine’s Day a very difficult and stressful task.


Romance On Valentine's Day


For couples, Valentine's Day is synonymous to a season of love and romance. Many look forward to this special day because they feel this is an extra special day when they can show their loved ones how much they love and want them.


Tracing the History of Valentine’s Day Cards


Every February 14, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. While there are different ways and traditions in celebrating the day, one thing is clear – a person will be delighted to receive a card from a loved one.


Valentine's Day Symbols: The Signs that Define Love


Cutouts of red hearts and flowers adorning almost every place you step into. Pictures of a winged boy with bow and arrows posted on the walls. These images are unmistakable—together with other symbols associated with love, they represent Valentine’s Day. Of course, you are very familiar with all those love symbols scattered all over the place every February. But do you know the stories behind them? Read on to find out the origins and meanings of the different V-day symbols.



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