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Guys Guide to the Delivery Room

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Are you going to be a father?

Are you planning on being there for the delivery?

Then you need this book!


What happens during a delivery?

What are you supposed to do while you are there?

How do you get prepared to have a baby?!


You’re expecting a baby! Congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your life – one that will be filled with more joy than you could ever imagine!

Maybe you’re not the father, but a supportive friend helping the new mother through her pregnancy.  Either way, if you are planning on being there for labor and delivery, you need to know what to expect.

This Book Isn’t Like Any Other Pregnancy Guide Out There!

A “Guys Guide to the Delivery Room,” tells you what to expect when SHE’S expecting.  It’s written especially for you – the guy who’s expected to be right there during delivery.  We talk to you from a man’s perspective that is easy to understand.


You'll know just what to do after you learn:

  • What the mother-to-be needs from you

  • What happens when you get to the hospital

  • What you should do in the delivery room

  • How to make the expectant mom as comfortable as possible

  • How to put together a "Labor Tool Kit"

  • What kinds of pain relievers are used during labor

  • Exactly what is involved in a delivery, including episiotomies

  • Why a C-section may sometimes be necessary

  • What happens once the baby is born


Don’t wait until labor starts. Order your copy of a “Guys Guide to the Delivery Room” right now.  You’ll be so glad you did!  All of your apprehension will fade away once you start reading this book.  You are going to be a big part of this baby’s life, and you deserve to be a big part of his or her birth.

Get all the information you need to know right now when you get “A Guys Guide to the Delivery Room” today for just $5.97.

Order Today!

Childbirth is one of life's mysteries. Your baby's birthday will unfold in its own way and will have its own story. Take a deep breath and confront the fear. It will all come together. Trust yourself. Just be you. Above all, just be there!


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