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Menís Sexual Performance Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of life; therefore, it is likely that most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety keeps us alert and helps us cope in every stressful event or situation. But, there is a type of anxiety that is common to men when we talk about sexual issues- menís sexual anxiety.

Menís sexual anxiety affects their performance in bed. This issue is hardly ever discussed openly for fear of losing their macho-image. Maleís sexual performance anxiety is described when a man has trouble getting an erection. 

Men who have sexual performance anxiety usually worry about whether they will get a penile erection.  When they are about to have sex, they may lose their erection, or it can also happen during sexual intercourse.

Sexual performance anxiety can happen to men in any of those situations. This is often from focusing just on the final goal, or on whether your partner will have an orgasm, instead of focusing on all the rest of what goes on in the sexual encounter.

Concentrating more on the relationship and the intimate experiences that you are having may help alleviate some anxiety.  Remember, if you are enjoying yourself and showing appreciation and consideration for your partner, you will both probably have a great time!

There are actually a large number of different treatments, as far as sexual performance is concerned. One of the treatments targets the erectile dysfunction (ED) known as the sensate focus technique. It consists of a series of four stages.

The first thing that you will learn is how to stop focusing on the outcome  and worrying about whether or not you climax ahead or satisfy your partner to reach that first.  Instead concentrate on what the sensory stimulation is like, savor the actual moment of being stimulated, and find out what are the ways in which you can reach pleasure each other.  These will take your anxiety off of whatís going to happen at the end. 

Once youíre through with that stage, move on to the second where youíll be caressing, touching, and communication with clothes off. The third stage is actually being inside your partner but no thrusting, and the last stage is now the thrusting. But, the focus is on the sensations (also called sensate focus).

Analytical therapy, which is psychotherapy or psychoanalysis using hypnosis, can be very effective in dealing with more deep-seated problems that most men have. Though ED and other sex interferences can have biological causes, many of the problems are psychological. Hypnosis can reduce sexual performance anxiety to promote a more relaxed and confident sense of self, optimize self-esteem, happiness and boost self confidence.

Another remedy is prescription drug treatments therapy. There are two major types of erectile dysfunction drugs.  One type works via the brain, and the other enhances blood flow directly to the genitalia.  Your physician can best inform you of the differences and help you decide if this may be appropriate for you.

Men sexual performance anxiety is one of the issues that are not very popularly discussed publicly. The reasons of menís sexual performance anxiety are either the result of how they feel or because of genital erectile dysfunction. Whatever the reasons maybe, sexual performance anxiety is usually curable!

This article is provided courtesy of Roxanne Courtmanch.  Please visit www.thehelpingcircle.com for more articles on anxiety as well as many other topics that may be of interest to you.


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